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What D'Amore Wedding and Event Planning Can do for You

I saw the quote below on's article, "15 Funny Wedding Planning Quotes For The Stressed Out Bride" awhile back....(read it here:

It got me thinking...we’ve all seen those picture perfect weddings in magazines, on websites, instagram, and of course…PINTEREST! They look so effortless, right? You think, “I can totally do that myself!” Before you know it, you’ve spent countless hours you can never get back scouring websites for specific decor items you saw on Pinterest. You bought 20 lanterns on Amazon or at Hobby Lobby for your centerpieces, 100 pillar candles from IKEA and 100 glass hurricanes online (because you forgot your venue doesn’t allow open flames unless they're enclosed…oops!). Before you know it, you’ve racked up over $800 just on table decor alone! You haven’t even gotten the florals yet! Or chargers or favors or other elements you want to have.

I bet you haven’t even thought about the logistics (set up, tear down, or what you’re going to do with all this STUFF that’s taken over your living room after the wedding).


*Channeling my best Morpheus voice* (Please tell me I’m not the only one envisioning this Matrix meme…)

What if I told you your wedding could be BETTER than what you pinned on Pinterest…without wasting precious hours of your time, saving money, AND not having to worry about set up, tear down, or having to deal with the decor after the wedding?


… hired a certified wedding planner who can help make that happen for you? (FYI, we’re certified…just in case you were wondering)

Here’s what D’Amore Wedding and Event Planning CAN do for you (depending on your needs):

  1. We’ll work with your budget, whatever that may be. If you’re on a smaller budget, we’ll help you figure out how to best allocate your budget to make sure your priorities aren’t compromised.

  2. We’ll create a customized package for you, if our other packages don’t meet your needs.

  3. We will LISTEN to you.

  4. We’ll help you find the best vendors who can provide you with everything you need for your wedding. We’ll do the hours of research for you and present you with different options that work with your vision and budget.

  5. Perhaps you’re struggling with making decisions, because there are so many options! We can help you narrow down your options. While we won’t make the decision for you, we can give you suggestions or ideas based on our knowledge and experience.

  6. With our coordination package, we’ll set everything up to your specifications on the day of your wedding, troubleshoot any problems that may arise, and help the flow of the day go smoothly, so you, your parents, and spouse-to-be can simply enjoy the day of your wedding!

  7. We’ll work hard and save you time! Also, you won’t be as stressed, anxious, or worried when you have someone working with you and reminding you when it’s time to make certain decisions about your wedding.

  8. SO MUCH MORE (but this blog post would start to get pretty long if we listed everything…)!

Here’s what we WON’T do…

  1. Hijack your wedding! We’re not here to take over (unless you really want us to…)! You and your significant other will make all the decisions. We’re here to help you execute your vision and make sure your day is perfect!

  2. We won’t make judgments! So if you have an idea that some people might think is a wee bit crazy or non-traditional, you won’t find judgment here! We’re here to SUPPORT and work with you!

That’s it.

If reading this blog post has piqued your interest or curiosity, I challenge you to fill out our contact form (top right corner of our website) and schedule a free consultation with our planners!

Why? You’ll get:

  • 30 minutes with our planners–so you can get to know us and we can get to know you

  • Answers to any questions you may have

  • Additional details on how we can help you

  • Access to our FREE wedding planning timeline

  • No pressure!

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me…just sayin'.

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