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An Engagement Party to Remember

Whether you just got engaged or have been engaged for awhile, you might be thinking about whether an engagement party is right for you. With many engaged couples waiting a year or more to tie the knot (thanks, COVID), an engagement party can be a way to kick-start the celebrations! But...what should your engagement party look like?

The great news is that an engagement party can be as small or large as you want it to be, as elaborate or casual as you want, and it doesn't have to break the bank. Traditionally, the engagement party was a way for the couple's families to meet. However, today it's becoming more and more of a way to celebrate your engagement (and show off your gorgeous new ring!) with those closest to you.

Below are a couple of engagement party ideas that I am loving this year!

A Winter White Dinner Party

This table setting (with beautiful white linens from Cozy Linen on Etsy) would make a beautiful setting for a small gathering of friends and family.

If you're thinking of a small, intimate affair to celebrate your engagement this winter, a dinner party at home might be right for you! White is a classic color palette for winter AND weddings! Focus on adding different textures to your table, from crisp linens, to pillar or taper candles, and a mixture of contemporary and modern white vases filled with white spider mums and eucalyptus leaves, for a pop of color.

For dinner, think warm, winter classics. Start out with a warm bowl of roasted butternut squash soup or a winter salad with warm roasted vegetables. For your main entrée, consider a pork tenderloin with creamy mashed potatoes. For dessert, try a warm salted caramel bread pudding or warm chocolate brownies.

After dinner, head outside to sit around a bonfire and roast marshmallows! Or select a party game to play to encourage a little friendly competition, like JackBox Games (my personal favorite), CodeNames, Apples to Apples, or Taboo!

A Brewery or Winery Cocktail Party

If you're thinking about a larger, more casual, soiree, consider a local winery or brewery in your area! Many have event spaces to rent for a reasonable price. If you're concerned about COVID, opt for a place with an outdoor space to allow ample room for guests!

Many wineries and breweries in my area allow you to bring in food, especially if they don't have food on site, and decorations. The one caveat is that most don't allow outside liquor or beverages. Most will have water and a non-alcoholic option, however.

If you're opting for a winery, consider small bites, such as a variety of cheeses, crackers, charcuterie board, or fresh fruit for your guests to enjoy. With a beautiful vineyard setting, you probably won't need to spend much on decorations. Consider some small, gold geometric votive candle holders and/or small flower arrangements for the tables to add that personalized touch to your party.

If a brewery is more your vibe, consider foods that pair well with beer, like sliders, flatbread pizzas, and loaded potato bites. Or, if the budget allows, consider renting a food truck! Some breweries have entertainment options you can utilize (games, trivia, etc.) during your party. Or, set up a photo station with some props and chalkboards. Encourage guests to write down words of wisdom or congratulations on the chalkboard and take a picture with it for the couple to keep! They can also take a few pictures for themselves too!

If you'd like to hear more ideas or want help planning the perfect engagement party, let's talk! Email me at and let's find a time to connect!

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